So this is the page that is required to be here for legal reasons and to assure you I’m not some devious thief of information. I make the art here but I go through a third party printing service and payment processor, so I’ll be linking to those where applicable.

Terms of Service:
By purchasing from this site you agree to the terms of service from both the payment processor: Paypal’s ToS and the printer’s, Printful ToS

If you don’t agree to the terms, please do not purchase from the site.

My terms of service:
Damaged orders are replaced within 15 days of it arriving to your address, photos are required for a replacement.
Incorrect addresses on orders are not my responsibility & will not be replaced. For more information on “Oops I ordered to the wrong address!”, click here. Please double check your order information including your address & size of the desired item before checking out.

Basically as far as your information is concerned, (credit card/payment info, etc )I don’t see any of it.  All payment data goes directly to the payment processor who OKs the shipment to me and the printer. I can’t see any of it nor is it accessible to me.
I have access to shipping information so I can handle any customer situations that come up and that’s all. I’m just trying to make and sell my art, the info is just to help make sure customer service goes as smoothly as possible! Simple as that. To spell it out- none of your data is going to be sold or shared to third parties.

You can read about the privacy policy of my payment processor & printer here: Paypal’s Privacy Policy and Printful’s Privacy Policy

All purchases and page access is done through secure SSL over https.