Shipping info:
Shipping will occur in 5-7 days, items have to be printed before they can be shipped and may take longer during the holidays. If you are ordering in the United States or Europe, the printer (printful) has facilities in both areas and can ship quickly & won’t have customs fees!

Defective/damaged items:
Contact me if the item you’ve received is damaged or defective by emailing me on my contact page and we’ll sort that out. Please provide a photo or two, your order number so I can work with the printer to have another item sent to you.

Incorrect item:
If you received an incorrect item or something is missing, contact me and I’ll help you out!

Incorrect address:
Orders with the incorrect address will not be refunded or replaced.

If the incorrect address was provided, I am not responsible. If you contact me soon enough with a corrected address before the item ships I can try to have the order corrected with my printing service.
However if the item ships to the wrong address I am not responsible. The best thing to do is go to your local post office with your invoice, tracking and your identification, you may be able to have them correct it. I cannot do this for you as the item is addressed to the customer.
Thank you for understanding.

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