I am cousin Mike n’ thanks for your interest in a commission! To contact me for a commission: click here.

Here is a sample of my work and rates:

Single, full color character: $90 USD | Extra full character is $65
Waist up, full color character: $65 USD Extra waist up character is $40

Special effects, complex armor & backgrounds are an extra cost.

Examples :
Below are examples of personal projects & commissions that show my range of abilities with characters, special effects and backgrounds:


I do not:
-I do not do requests/art for free.
-I do not work ‘for exposure’/shout out on social media, youtube,twitch.
-I do not do art trades.
-I do not create political/racist content.
-I do not create ANY sexual content involving minors.
-I do not do pornography/sexual intercourse.
-I do not permit any use of my images to be used with or train A.I.
-I do not do sketches for A.I. to generate completed images.

Do not email me about the above, I will not reply.

Terms of Service:
-I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
-After work has started, initial payment is non-refundable & once the commission is complete, the project is entirely non-refundable.
-Ownership & Copyright of the character(s) is fully retained by the original creator (you or in the case of fanart, the company).
-Unless otherwise stated all commissions are for personal use only. If your commission is in any way shape or form used for monetary gain, commercial prices will apply.
-I reserve the right to display the finished piece as a portfolio piece where I choose.
-I do not consent for my artwork via commissions or otherwise to be used in any form of A.I. image generation.

By commissioning me, you understand and agree to these terms.

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! If you have any questions please contact me via email or DM me on Twitter, I will be happy to work with you!

Click here to contact via email.
Click here for my twitter.