I’m Mike and I’d like to thank you for your interest in a commission! This page will hopefully serve as an F.A.Q. of sorts to help you out, if you want to contact me for a commission click here.

Here is a sample of my work and rates:

Commission rates

A full color character head to toe is $80, waist up is $60. For each additional character $60 for head to toe, waist up on additional characters is $35.

Special effects like the electricity, aura in the picture above, as well as detailed armor are not included in pricing and need to be discussed for proper pricing.
Backgrounds are to be priced depending on their complexity. Simple color is free.

Examples :
Below are examples of personal projects & commissions that show my range of abilities with characters, special effects and backgrounds:

The steps of a commission:
1- After we agree on the details & payment, you pay half up front. Once I start the first-half of payment is non-refundable.
2- I create a low-detail pose and email it to you. Once approved, I move on to details (hair, clothes, face etc) once that is approved I move to the next stage. This where changes to the pose/hair/etc are simple & free for a few edits.
3- Next stage is inking, coloring, shading. I’ll send an example over of the colors for approval and once that’s done, shading/highlights begin. Changes to color, are fine but any larger changes like the pose, outfit, etc will be charged by an hourly rate..
4- After the commission is done, a low-res & watermarked version is sent over. After final payment, you’ll get a hi-res pic without a watermark. At this point the commission complete and is non-refundable.

Credit: If you would like to be credited with a name or an alias, please tell me or I will default to “anon”.
-you do not want me to share the piece online, please discuss that prior to starting the commission.
-The editable file in Clip Studio/Photoshop, is not included in the commission price.

If you would like your commission printed on a shirt, mug, sticker, etc, I can put them on the store for you, or others to purchase. (This is not included in the initial commission)

I do not:
-I do not do requests/art for free.
-I do not work ‘for exposure’/shout out on social media, youtube,twitch.
-I do not do art trades.
-I do not create political/racist content.
-I do not create ANY sexual content involving minors.

Do not email me about the above, I will not reply.

Terms of Service:
-I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
-After work has started, initial payment is non-refundable & once the commission is complete, the project is entirely non-refundable.
-Ownership & Copyright of the character(s) is retained by the original creator (you or a company).
-Commissions do not include the permission to use the artwork for merch (shirts, mugs, stickers, posters, game/music etc). For merch rights please request a quote in the email for rights pertaining to merchandising the commission.
-I reserve the right to display the finished piece as a portfolio piece where I choose.

By commissioning me, you understand and agree to these terms.

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! If you have any questions please contact me via email or DM me on Twitter, I will be happy to work with you!

Click here to contact via email.
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